Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Blog Exceeds 140 Characters

I love you, Fail Whale. I can say that now, now that I have embraced all the 140 characters you stand for.

I have abandoned my whaling expedition and jumped into the Pro-Twitter boat. *splashy noises*

As previously stated, I have used Twitter to get updates about where specific friends who are within bus-riding range from my house. I have read Twitters about your UGG boots, your regrets about not buying the right kind of kolbasa at the meat market, your outward hatred for the fact that you have to work on a Saturday. While I understood that Twitter held a networking power, it was so far under the surface of superfluous tweets from all corners of my social labyrinth that it remained elusive and confusing.

Public Relations class has opened up my eyes to the actual value updates the size of a Facebook status update. I was not previously aware of the fact that businesses and those representing their own enterprises are so quickly able to communicate up to date information about projects. When you understand the constant barrage of words coming at you from your main tweet-roll, it's easier to discern the valuable links and information being added. The "List" option wasn't something I was even aware of, so my re-education into the medium of Twitter has also made me remember how important it is to explore all possible tools a program offers for you to utilize.

Twitter can be not only my friend, but that of my future employers and especially future clients and contacts.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Avante Garde Mouseketeers Club

In the spirit of my previous post, I have decided to share the best Mickey Mouse-themed collectibles on the market over the past few years that have struck out their own niche.

Be warned this isn't the cuddly, yellow-shoed global Good Samaritan you're accustom to seeing. Artistic integrity and a long leash on creative license can get you far. Keep in mind Disney has initiated or condoned the creation of each (except the #1. That's why it's the best. Heeyuck.)

Top 5 New Wave Mickey Mouse Collectibles

It's-a me, Mouseio.

A combination I can't resist calling one of the greatest pop culture fusions of all time; One part Nintendo's italian pipe-hopping hero, one part all-American mouse, one part vinyl figure. Created by Akashi at MunkyKing collectibles.

I would love to do an entire lecture on the merits and drawbacks on vinyl figures, but forward towards bigger and squeakier things.


The bizarre creations of bring you something that is literally torn from the screen of an actual Mickey Mouse film. Featured as his less-than-jovial self in the animated short Runaway Brain where Mickey's brain is switched with that of a destructive monster (and vice versa) by a mad scientist, the poor guy was just looking to earn money for a trip to Hawaii, taking a few hours of 'mindless work' while never expecting to have his brain removed. Retails for $50.


Did you ever wished you could fuse your Mickey Mouse doll with a Buick?

You're welcome.

This Mickey Mouse Transformer lets everybody's favourite rodent go from a simple talking mouse to a semi truck in no time flat. It's available through one of my favourites, BigBadToyStore for under $50.


Thank you for making me finally understand Cubism AND Salvidor Dali all in one sitting, Disney.

Debuting earlier this year in Hong Kong according to the beautiful, these Mickey vinyls will soon be available worldwide this fall at select retailers. The the BBloc28 Mickey by Suiko is 12-inches tall and limited to 500 pieces. It costs $125 includes a T-shirt.

This proves my point that heavy, non-moving display pieces are toys for bigger, more creative collectors who like to skew traditional loves and cultural norms.


This is a exclusive mini figure of Mask Mouse Murphy to be released at San Diego Comic Con for $20.00. For those of you who don't know, San Diego Comic Con is mecca for many an avid fan of all things comic book, cartoon, Japanese animation and everything graphically creative in between. This little fellow looks like he's all covered, but in you feel left out you could use one of THESE in the event of a mass contagion break out, where you still feel like spreading the love.

About (My) Face

I'm in major considerations of actually giving this blog a purpose.

I am by all accounts a geek, and I'm highly depressed by the fact that my professional blogging interests are not reflective of this.

I am a collector of curios outside of my hard working academic schedule. I own over 50 action figures in original boxes. I have an extensive knowledge of sideshow and taxidermy history, and possess a little memorabilia from both camps. I collect PEZ dispensers and love Stephen Colbert as if I personally knew the man.

You're still reading. I congratulate you.

For the latter decade of my life, I have admired those who can brandish their nerd out to the public without fear or shame of former friend retractions or odd stares at company picnics. I have therefore initiated a revision of my blog to include my opinions on issues for the day facing the nerd and nerdette of the modern era as well as interesting tidbits about what I believe to be fascinating in the world of collecting.

I hope to boast an added insight for those who are not up to speed with the latest video game news or hottest toy for the big kids on your Christmas as well.

I suggest you don't remove this blog's original tags.

Fun Facts About The Mouse Of The Hour

Hiya folks.

Today is the day that the moust most iconic mouse in world history was born.

The Walt Disney Company gives Mickey's exact birth date as November 18th, 1928. That was the release date of Steamboat Willie, the renowned animated feature created by Walt Disney featuring the trouser-wearing rodent. According to legend, Disney planned to name the mouse "Mortimer" until his wife suggested the name of Mickey.

In honour of the little guy, I have composed a Top 10 of interesting facts about the giant eared cartoon character who played an integral role in so many of our childhood memories.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Mickey Mouse

10) In all Mickey Mouse cartoons, no matter which way Mickey is looking his ears are always facing forward. You never get an ear profile.

9) Walt Disney provided the voice of Mickey Mouse until 1946. Literally the man behind the mouse.

8) The first merchandise to feature Mickey Mouse was a child's school tablet in 1929.
(Remember school tablets? I don't either. Remember the Depression? I don't either.)

7) Mickey has a huge wardrobe, packed with no less than 175 different costumes. Minnie goes one better, having been dressed in over 200 outfits throughout her career.

6) Mickey Mouse was the first ever cartoon character to talk. In 1929, Mickey's first words were "Hot dogs!".

5) There was a 30 year gap between Disney movies featuring Mickey Mouse, marked by The Simple Things in 1953 and Mickey's Christmas Carol in 1983.

4) According to Walt Disney, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have never been married on screen.
(They sure seem to have a fantastically long courtship however. Oh Minnie- will your dreams ever come true?)

3) During World War II, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy on D-Day in 1944, "Mickey Mouse" was used as a secret password between intelligence officers.

2) The first two Mickey Mouse films that Walt made cost the studio $2,500 each.

1) In 1935, The League of Nations (later to be replaced with the United Nations) presented Walt Disney with a special medal, in recognition of the fact that Mickey Mouse was a symbol of universal goodwill.