Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Working Outdoors

Out of home advertising. Speedy messages. Zoom zoom.

I'm not an outdoors-woman by any means. My definition of a fun time in the wild involves a lawn chair in the front yard while I'm wearing a sun bonnet and protective clothing.

Regardless of my major lack of prowess when it comes to exploring Mother Nature, I love the idea, look and effect of outdoor advertising.

Out of home/outdoor ads are the ones that have created the most 'That's amazing' moments in my life of viewing the world as a consumer. They captivate passersby, targeting the precious middle ground of potential customers who haven't crystallized an opinion about your company/product.

Repeated exposure can lead to a major logging in the memory banks of frequent travelers. Because of Winnipeg advertising laws, the staying power of billboards is short, but I choose to see it as an opportunity rather than a drawback, where new ideas or locations can be tested.

Print advertising blows my mind, because it takes the principles of art where so much is said with so little, and very often uses high impact humor. 1 + 1 = two of my loves in life combined into very clever ways to sell things/concepts we often take for granted.

It's a new way to see, or even revitalize, something old.

Even a different shape to something we see everyday can have massive impact.

I feel like I could write out of home ads forever, but I understand the need to have a concrete concept that fits with your brand image; if you miss your mark or create an ad as simple as a bus treatment that does not draw eyes, it's a huge space misused.

Hopefully I can make art, not space.

-NIKE Argentina's placement of 'wet paint' signs on old benches to promote physical exercise.
-KitKat's delicious looking chocolate shaped benches.
-Weighing scale created from a transformed bus shelter.