Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Stylings of Rankin & Bass Completes Me

Watch the entirety of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Rendeer with me
& wish for a Charlie In The Box.

Nerdery :: Heroes Never Get What They Want For Christmas

Cap isn't infuriated that the socks are laden with Nazi propaganda.  He's pissed that they're pink.
(Nick Fury with those 3D glasses made me weep)
Beautiful addition to the "Great Comics That Never Happened".

[ check out more retro Kerry Callen here ]

Monday, December 12, 2011

For Christmas, I Want The Smooth Taste of Chesterfield

In festive tribute to last year's my Edward Bernays holiday contribution,
I bring you my best wishes with 2 weeks 'til Christmas from behind a phlegm-rattled cough and a 1942 wish for peace.

I'm also endlessly impressed that their entire tag line was synthesized into "They Satisfy".  
It's a Christmas miracle.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Documentary :: Nazi: The Occult Conspiracy

On the coattails of the inspiring Allied soldiers' stories from my recently reviewed D-Day To Victory,
Nazi: The Occuly Conspiracy is the scariest documentary I've ever seen.

Symbology, pagan rituals replacing Christian festivals, controlling bloodlines and Norse mythology detailed like never before, explaining the more bizarre of Hitler's tactics during his rise to power and how ancient stories helped his elite fuel Hitler's God-like influence.

The documentary discusses how pre-WWII Germany's belief in the occult was strongly tied to anti-Jewish sentiment, 
the possibility that the Aryan race was the remains of the people of Atlantis,
and even the influence of Hindu reincarnation beliefs were all brought together by the Nazi party. 

I had no idea that Heinrich Himmler funded expeditions to find the Holy Grail (unsuccessfully) and dozens of other ancient beliefs that the Nazi party used to solidify a nation under their new religion during the lead up to World War II

The ultimate manipulation of rhetoric. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

TV :: D-Day To Victory

I somehow managed to go through high school having never learned about World War II.

Whether it was my own fault for mixing regular classes with "advanced" ones,
my social studies curriculum never once mentioned the atrocities that occurred all across Europe
or Hitler's name.  Once or twice I saw a horrified look on a grade 12 teacher's face when I mentioned this oversight to them.

Luckily, I have a curious nature and am an avid history fan in my own right.

Over the years, I've taught myself to some extent,
absorbing many a documentary about WWII (adding on The Great War & the Korean conflict as well).

This November, it was fated that I would PVR a stunning 6-part documentary on the History channel that changed the way I looked at World War II.

D-Day To Victory is a collection of in-depth interviews with the last surviving soldiers who fought during the war, set to painfully detailed, beautifully recreated scenes of the actual explosive armaments the men actually used and archived footage of the trenches themselves.

The slow-motion reenactments of the explosions and artillery fire interspersed with elegant close-ups of the former soldiers telling their stories are the most impressive I've ever seen, brilliantly used to tie together the soldier's narratives with countryside carnage of small towns torn apart and massive exploding tiger tanks.  So many awe-inspiring sights set to the real stories of some of the only Allied men remaining. 

According to Macleans magazine, the explosions were staged at CFB Gagetown, where historical battle sites were recreated and then blown up for the cameras.  Builders crafted replica concrete pillboxes and bunkers from the beaches of Normandy, recreated the streets of Berlin as they would have appeared, and erected fake French church steeples similar to those destroyed by bombardments.  
The sets were then blown up using era-specific weapons including grenades, flame throwers, Schmeisser submachine guns and Katyusha rockets.

 Hal Baumgarten (featured in the image above) was one of my favourites, as well as one of the most memorable.  Unabashedly truthful and spirited, he retells his stumbling journey through the battlefield of D-Day
 (injured 5 times in an hour, including having a hole blown through his cheek and teeth by shrapnel).

All and all, their stories really are the heart of the documentary.  

Omitting their current ages is one of doc's smartest tactics ( expect for military men old enough during WWII to be officers (now admirably in their 90's) ).  During their interviews, each man's personality and memories of the same events differs so drastically from the next.  Many tell stories of becoming a man in a matter of days after being dropped on the beaches of Normandy and losing their best friend, while others appear more stolid as aloof  RAF bombardiers.  I almost laughed out loud when one episode juxtaposed an RAF man talking about the exhilaration of their first assaults in the Netherlands with that of a foot soldier who had to hide under a tank while the Allied planes overhead accidentally bombed a field that was the same shape as one farther down the road.  

The black and white photos of them during duty make it clear how very few were over the age of 25 when thrown into combat.  I had to keep reminding myself that the majority of the interviewees were octogenarians who had lived decades of their civilian lives outside of those faded photographs.  They spoke as if it happened yesterday.

I finished the 6 hour long episodes feeling like I'd heard countless stories that, for many of the veterans interviewed, were told for the last time.  I found them to be a set of well produced, very moving tributes to each and every one of their sacrifices.  The series is truly a legacy and a gift to the veterans, future historians and viewers alike.  I can't say enough about it.

The D-Day To Victory website is super interactive, taking you through 3D environments to hear many of the stories highlighted in the doc.  Please do visit it below, as it's one of the most impressive sites about the war I am yet to see.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sometimes I question whether I have accomplished enough at my age.
Whether or not I am on par with my peers.
Whether or not I can achieve greatness.

But then I remember this picture of Bill Gates exists & I don't feel so bad.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interactive Advertising :: LIGHTS

Ellie Goulding is a gorgeous 24 year-old up and coming British singer you may not have heard of (yet).  

I love her voice.  The talented singer, who won the BBC Sound of 2010 poll and was also awarded the Critics Choice Award at the 2010 BRIT Awards, will be the only singer to perform at the reception.  She rose to even bigger stardom in England when the Royal newlyweds invited her to perform at Buckingham Palace at the after-dinner party. 

'Lights' is decidedly my favourite song from her 2010 album (Lights).  I have had the UK Album Chart's number one ranking chart topper on my iPod for at least six months now, but only recently found this gem of an interactive website via her Facebook feed.

Clicking the 'Play' button treats you to the beginning of a monochrome field of flickers, globular spheres embedded as you travel through the landscape as a little ball of light (the song blaring in the background).

As the chorus mounts, a seizure-enducing, beat-activated explosion of colour jumps up and morphs into at least 6 more environments to navigate through with the click of a mouse.

Most interesting is the sea of Twitter screen names you randomly fly through, adding a self-rewarding social media experience for users who retweet the website on their accounts.  

Small pay off, but I still replayed the song twice more to find my name.  
Ergo, repetition tactic successful.

I am yet to find my own name, so I can't account for how long the turn around is from tweet time to it showing up in the psychedelic song trip.  Hopefully you will.

This is the best GIF ever, BTW.
The animation isn't the most advanced, but it serves the purpose.  As a promotional tool for the song, I found it a simplistic, fun, (and most of all) an interactive song experience the likes of which I'd never seen before.

Even if you're too busy holding the mouse down to Starfox-barrell roll the hell out of that cursor, the song is still playing loudly in the background and the subliminal marketing effort behind it says the song will be slightly more recognizable the next time you hear it.

(Plus, the balls wedged in the ground reminded me of the Voltorbs & Electrodes in 1999 nintendo cult classic Pok√©mon Snap.  Is it just me?)

Click [ HERE ] to visit the site.
( Muting it and playing the voice of the "Double Rainbow" guy over the animation is optional )

Graph :: Kill Da Wabbit

Friday, November 4, 2011

Video :: Doot-Doot Doot Doot Doot-Doot

A great promotional video for the Manitoba Museum's very exciting big top adventure,
Circus! Science Under The Big Top (now until April 9th, 2011).

I'm very excited to see it and walk the steel cable suspended 2.7 metres (8.85 feet) in the air.

I'd like to think I've got the guts.  

I'll probably wind up being a tiger instead and squeezing myself into that tiny box. 
I know myself pretty well.

[ credit goes to my peers & heroes, 
Jeremy Williams (listed as a member of the Shaw TV team) 
Caitlin MacGregor ]

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Video :: Happy Ham'O'Ween

The pigs from Angry Birds have the same costume idea as Charlie Sheen.
They are only slightly less gross and laden with self-exploding debauchery.

Since I forgot to post this yesterday, it serves as a reminder of why you shouldn't be a pig with the candy you may or may not have left from last night.

Good night to the sweet pumpkin patch.
Hello to the scratchy facial hair of Movember.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, kiddies.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ads // Halloween :: Culture, Not Costume

This straight forward and simply designed campaign addresses highly glossed over (and easily accepted) racist Halloween costumes seen every year in increasing numbers.  I stumbled upon it at this Tumblr account claiming to be run by the President of student organization, S.T.A.R.S (Students Teaching About Racism in Society).

The group's goal is:
"To educate and facilitate discussion about racism and to promote racial harmony and to create a safe, non-threatening environment to allow participants to feel comfortable to express their feelings."
 Despite the fact I can't locate any more information on the group, this is a surprising & effective campaign I've yet to see appear anywhere or garner any publicity other than 14,000 reblogs on Tumblr.

Last night I was at a Halloween social with the author of The Daily Hope.

I pointed out that there was a tall white guy in a middle eastern looking headscarf and white robe, wearing (probably knock off) Birkenstock sandals.  We discussed at length whether he was dressed as Muammar Gaddafi.  Amanda seemed aghast, but I joked that "He was bad, and now he's dead.  So, I'm not sure whether it's OK or not..." (a la The Simpsons' "Brush With Greatness")  

I've since changed my opinion. 

The sign around the classy guy in the costume reads 'Me wantum piece ....not war'.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Video :: Never Met A Monster I Didn't Like

This is effectively everything I love in life.
(PS: T-minus 14 days 'til Halloween)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video :: Muppets Bluegrass Players

[ shared by a good blogger friend of mine, Joel Nickel @ Guerrilla Ontology ]

An oldie but a goodie from the Muppet Show.  All of those puppets faces should look familiar to die-hard fans.

The banjo player looks like & was voiced by Jim Henson himself (creator of The Muppets, the voice of Kermit the Frog & many more),
Jerry Nelson on guitar (who worked on Sesame Street & Muppet Workshop productions since the '60s)  and Frank Oz on the double bass (Jim's right hand man, playing Fozzie The Bear & Miss Piggy, to name a few).

I've always been a huge fan of Jim Henson's work on Sesame Street to make it the fun, vibrant cornucopia of fuzzy faces it is today & The Muppets in general.  It's nice to know that the men behind the puppets got some 'face time' in one way or another.

Honestly, this is like seeing all of my childhood heroes in a band.  (But they don't want my luuuuuuv)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ads :: Reporters Without Borders

Copy: In Eritrea, journalists can't report what is happening.  They are all in jail.
Help us to free information from it's chains.
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Madrid, Spain
Published: September 2011
via Ads of the World

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween 2011 :: Spirit Halloween- A Ghost From Halloween's Past Gets New Sheets

I have sung the praises of Spirit Halloween for the past 2 years, 2010 marking the first year stores began popping up around Winnipeg. 

Spirit Halloween is, for those unfamiliar with the horrors & delights that lay inside, an amazing seasonal store that features high end costumes & animatronic yard decor (basically everything I love in life).

Their advertising has been the butt of my jokes before, but they've redeemed themselves in my eyes with a  that effectively showcases a few of their better products

My glee mostly is directed towards what a vast transformation this year's Spirit Halloween YouTube Channel has gone through.  Even the Minnesota's Spirit Halloween promo video is miles away from the previous dubious attempt at a 2010 Minnesota's Spirit Halloween promo video (which looked like a horrifying seizure. I think I saw a nun in a Pinhead mask.  Clive Barker could only be so proud).

They've employed a hokey tactic that could be a hit in future years if refined a bit.  The fake news reporter is a scare tactic to record spooky events used a thousand times over in horror movies & is an easy way to showcase the more 'jump scare' items on sale.

Admittedly, it looks like it look 10 minutes to film each video.  I still like 'em.

Maybe I'm just in love with the guy that comes out of the stall.


Their props are sensational.  One of my shopping cohorts was legitimately disturbed by the woman clawing through the glass, thinking back upon how many times we'd played 'Bloody Mary' in the bathroom at school or as a late night sleep over activity, thinking we'd seen something or anything staring back.

Maybe it was / is just a girl thing.  I'd never heard the boys chattering on Monday morning that they'd seen a 'Bloody Murray'.  Sounds less sinister & more like a butcher from Yonkers.

It's only the 11th day of October
and I've only just begun to discuss the best and worst
of Halloween advertising from the past & present.  Happy haunting.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SNOTM :: This Is My Only Health Regime

[ [ ] ]

Journey To C4 :: Oh Wait, My Life Is Over

I have not yet even begun to fan girl over C4 this year & I'm already a waste.

I am sad to announce that Leonard Nimoy has announced his retirement  from the comic convention circuit indefinitely, to focus his time and energy on his (bizarrely busty and erotic) photography.

In other words, all of my hopes and dreams of having both Spock and Kirk's autographs are bust.

On the plus side, in case you're been living under a rock for the last few months (or have been serving the United Federation of Planets on a star base somewhere, which is excusable in my books), The Shat is coming to Winnipeg & spending his Saturday at the Central Canadian Comic Convention.  This is the only reason I am not weeping into my Tribble right now.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs :: How To Live Before You Die

 We watched this graduation speech by Steve Jobs in our second year of Creative Communications & I remember how I wondered if it would still be as inspiring the next day, and every subsequent time I remembered it. If I would remember it a year later.

 It was, I did, and I will forever.  Steve Jobs inspired not only a nation but an entire planet.  He accomplished so much through his endless positivity and creativity.  He modelled his life after those successes that tackled adversity with dignity & gave so much of himself.  The world is a better place because of him.

Apple changed my life & the way I work.
It changed the way I design, organize and live my everyday life.
I'll always be thankful for his vision.

RIP Steve Jobs [1955-2011]

This is the sight that greeted me when I started a new Safari window just now. 

 He changed the way I listen to music.  He changed the way I interact with the world around me. 

 RIP Steve Jobs.

SNOTM :: Multitalented

[ [ ] ]

Monday, October 3, 2011

250 Too Many

A beautifully done video in honour of those who have taken their life
or have had it taken from them because of prejudice & hate.

With the recent suicide of a 14-year old boy, Jamey Rodemeyer, the public has been reminded of the devastating effects of bullying. Jamey was not a voiceless bystander and instead was an active pro-gay youth, keeping a video diary of his anti-bullying messages and even offering hope to other LGBT* youth as part of the It Gets Better campaign.

According to ABCnews.go, the rate of victimization among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students has remained constant between 1999 and 2009, the latest date for which there are statistics, according to the National Climate Survey conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

It's heartbreaking that the age of victims boxed in and harassed for who they are is increasingly younger and younger. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover's death brings to question where the ten-year-old's classmates learned the hateful slurs and taunts that caused him to commit suicide.

I know that people can change with the right education as to how damaging LGBT* hate is, but I also believe that younger generations are impacted by our actions and how we treat people.  I've heard arguments that tolerance itself isn't good enough & still leads to others devaluing the LGBT* community as less-than members of society.  Stories like Jamey's make it painfully clear that the next generation of youth have the tools and the resources to speak out, but why do their classmates and peers still have the opportunity to torment others?  There is currently no anti-bullying law in New York State & many are taking up the cause to have one legislated in memory of Jamey.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Assignment Ever!

Just for the record...

As of 10:45 PM, April 10th, 2011.

I am DONE my last Creative Communications assignment.

Which means I have completed the last school assignment I'll ever do.

It's been an amazing 5 years, but I'm doing my last drop box file drop of my life.



I'm off finally doing full time work at The Eureka Project for my job placement along with the rest of the work force exploding upon the city tomorrow from Creative Communications.

I wish the best of luck to everyone at their job placements during April!

Say an extra thanks to everyone behind the scenes of communications departments this month, because it's probably a CreComm on the other line of that email or phone.

I don't know how I'll sleep tonight. Assumedly easier than ever before. Possibly in disbelief. Feeling like I'm on spring break for the rest of my life. ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011

Geeks Freak Over Pi Day, Math Gets Delicious

Einstein + Pie = Geektastic weekend @ Princeton University

As a student of communications, writing is my strong suit, next to arguing and avoiding doing math.

As a result, I was completely oblivious to the advent of Pi Day.

Mostly, I was saddened that it wasn't an occasion to gorge on baked goods, but pi's flakier namesake cousin was included in the festivities at Princeton Pi Day along with a length list of math related events occurring over the past 3 days.

Held over the March 11-14th in Princeton, New Jersey, the event capitalizes on the recognizable digits of the cheeky mathematical constant Pi.

Coincidentally, Albert Einstein himself "made" pi on the advent of his birth the day of March 14, 1879. The genius lived in the Ivy League town for 20 years, forever associated with the school.

Involving the entire community, Pi Deals stole the show as the biggest and most hilarious draw, ample cafes offering actual pie for the price of $3.14. Everything from public recitations of the numbers to an Einstein look-alike contest were held on campus.

Princeton's website for the event brings the whole theme together with a Facebook page filled with photos and event postings to keep wanna-be scientists in the know. I love the site & the effort they took to update it through the whole schmozle of things going on across town.

Geeks have a new St. Patrick's Day & I've never wanted to make a pilgrimage for pie more.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Does being parodied by the main steam make cult hits more relevant or ruin it for original fans?

Does having your fans pick a fight with an artist paying homage to you work counterintuitively to PR plans?

I had to jump on the train at this early stage in case the song actually somehow becomes popular & people ask why I didn't defend / even address the craziness that happened yesterday, I'll have no excuse as a Boosh groupie.

Yesterday fans of the absurdist, surreal BBC comedy The Mighty Boosh erupted in confusion & accusations towards rapper T-Pain for seemingly stealing the idea for the primary lyrics in his new song with Benny Benassi, Electroman from a sketch & song featured in the show called Electro Boy.

THE OFFENDING CULPRIT - Benny Benassi ft. T-Pain's Electroman:

For those unfamiliar, The Might Boosh can be best described as an English Flight of The Conchords, soaked in LSD & glitter.

It is in essence the irreverent comedy duo of Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt, their slightly-autobiographical characters Vince Noir & Howard Moon noted for having adventures in oft nightmarish landscapes with characters of their own creation (including the now infamous hermaphrodite man-fish Old Gregg, made famous on YouTube, bringing the show to recognition stateside).

Lovers of the madness embrace it with a fervent Rocky Horror Picture Show-like fanaticism, dressing up like the eccentric and elaborate characters for live tour shows and comic conventions. I've enjoyed every minute of being a fan meself & could go on, BUT onward to the controversy...

The boys write all of their own music for the show, even having created a distinct style of humorous a cappella nonsense song attributed only to them known as a crimp. Crimp on.

There's always been very strong intellectual property rights associated with Boosh material, so it seemed unlikely that T-Pain would have no idea he was creating lyrics that sounded incredibly similar to a Mighty Boosh song.

Regardless, when the video appeared, the Booshiverse reacted strongly & with pointy, black-nail polished talons.

While the YouTube comments from Boosh fans on the video remained hilarious for the most part, there was an incredible amount of confusion as to why the bearded actor from Leeds and the fashion-savvy self proclaimed goth King of Camden would allow a rapper who's never been affiliated with them to not even sample their music, but to copy/parody the concept.

I've heard everything sampled in remixes from Singing In The Rain to Johnny Cash's I Walk The Line, but this seemed to be an outright "homage" situation.

The lyrics are nearly identical.

Case in point -
THE BOOSH'S Electro Boy:


So far, both sides have weighed in & it seems like everything is legit:

From T-Pain's twitter:
If you guys don't think I got permission from the Mighty Boosh before I did the electro man hook ur crazy. It's called being a fan of there music. The Mighty Boosh heard that song before any of you did so I think they would have sued me by now. But I understand how you feel yasimelike. Just do Yo research before you go ham on a n*gga

From Dave Brown's twitter soon after:

(Dave Brown is the graphic designer, photographer, fellow writer & co-star of the show as Bollo the gorilla. If Bollo didn't say he had a bad feeling about this, I'm bound to believe him... (N&J refers lovingly to creators Noel & Julian) )

You may ask "Why, T-Pain, with your fly hats & shiny teeth, would you want to put Boosh-esque lyrics into a song?"

T-Pain has already been associated with The Lonely Island, SNL-offshoot funny man Andy Samberg's musical project that produced the monster hit I'm On A Boat. He's established himself as crazy.

He says he's a fan. I'd buy that.

There are stirrings however that if more "popular", or main stream sources start parodying or using Boosh material that the underground glow that the show still has here in North America will quickly fade & their impending US invasion in the next year will lose it's sparkle.

To that same effect, there's an ongoing rumour of a Boosh movie that they'll want released in the US & Canada. What better way to get preliminary press than by having their material slip into North American media.

Fans still argue that the Boosh won't get credit where credit is due. It's hard to recognize what the hubbub is about unless you know all the words to Electro Boy by heart like I do. If only it was a sample.

Is this the inevitable fate of cult hits that become popular?
Do you accept their inevitable leaking into rap songs & TV shows and hope for the best?

My solution for this conundrum at least would have been for T-Pain to at least give the boys a nod.

An easy implementation of this would have been to have had them in the video.

Ju would have worn the swag well,
as a man who loves jazz & looks like a geography school teacher.

Noel Fielding in a white bikini? Anyone? Anyone?

Whether or not The Mighty Boosh are ever recognized for their contribution to the song, it's far less catchy than the original & the issue may blow over by week's end.

Hopefully it garners them some well deserved press but doesn't spoil the magic hipster touch that they have going for them.

NEXT BIG HIT FOR T-PAIN: I'm On A Boat w/ Future Sailors.

EDIT: As of 1:00 PM, CST
Noel Fielding has chimed in on the debate:

Noelio is busy preparing for Let's Dance 2011 For Comic Relief on BBC.

Ultimate goal: NOEL DOES DANCE NUMBER TO Electroman.

Driving along on a plastic dream, baby.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

City Lights, Lead Me Home

"You can see now?"

By the time it was completed he had spent two years and eight months on the work, with almost 190 days of actual shooting.

Charlie Chaplin directed, wrote, composed the score for & starred in the film.

The story revolves around Charlie Chaplin's Tramp meeting a blind girl selling flowers on the street corner & falling in love with her (Virginia Cherrill). To achieve the right look and emotion he advised her, in his own words :

“To look inwardly and not to see me.”

He spent many laborious weeks on the deceptively simple scene where the Tramp and the flower girl first meet, setting up the premise of the story, earning the record for the largest amount of takes ever shot in a movie. It holds the record as Charles Chaplin's longest undertaking, in production from 31 December 1927 - 22 January 1931 (over three years).

It was Chaplin's drive, vision & unfaltering devotion to the last great silent film of the era that made City Lights recognized as one of the greatest movies ever made.

I was lucky enough last month to see City Lights on the big silver screen as part of the Cinematheque's winter line-up (we attended the January 15th screening) with Jen from 200 Movies, 1 Woman, 1 Blog, and it was one of the best spent 87 minutes I've ever spent in a theatre.

In front of us was an entire nuclear family, 2 kids and parents all anxiously waiting for the next pratfall. There were countless 20-somethings taking in the film as well, but the patrons who seemed to enjoy themselves the most were the gray haired moviegoers sprinkled through the audience.

The septuagenarian dopplegangers of Jen & myself sitting directly beside us taught me one of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned at the movies; regardless of how many times you've seen a film, if you love it & it's funny, for God's sake, laugh.

I have never seen two women in public laugh more. Wearing lovely long coats, one in a fur, they guffawed at Charlie's antics as much as I did and more so. The movie itself is so engrossing that at times you could have heard a pin drop, were it not for the synchronized musical score being played overly loud in the background (possibly to simulate the original over-the-top sound). The evening was a testament to the everlasting power of Charlie Chaplin and the breadth of his appeal to young and old alike.

It was possibly a once in a lifetime experience I'll never get to partake in again, but hopefully I'm around to enjoy it again if the Cinematheque has a reprise.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Elmwood Not Getting Mail - Sidewalks Not Getting Plowed

My area of Elmwood hasn't received mail in 8 days and the city of Winnipeg's to blame.

While I understand it can take up to 10 days to completely clear the city's sidewalks after a snowfall, the city of Winnipeg's plows bulldozed massive amounts of snow over the street's edge, obliterating the sidewalks and making it impossible for postal carriers to deliver our mail.

A representative for Canada Post called my house twice today to
confirm that they have been demanding the city clear the streets
to no avail, so citizens now have to call & try to get something done.

If you live in Elmwood & are affected by the mail delay
make some noise:

Elmwood-East Kildonan Ward Councillor Thomas Steen
PHONE: 204-986-5195

CALL 311
Complaint # = 511116

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl of Ads: Cars, Cars Everywhere...

...but I still don't have my license.

The monotony of car ads can be equivalent to the seemingly never ending road the cars power down in the countryside; dusty, narrow and drops you off at a predestined point B.

The best of the Super Bowl best even had me intrigued, so fasten your belts & keep all of your arms and appendages inside.


Chevy: Senior Citizens

FOURTY-TWO WILD ITALIANS. I would like to see what that looks like, crammed into a compact car.

Oh wait- That's called Jersey Shore.

Regardless, Chevy's 0:30 ad for the Cruze makes for a memorable jaunt into a gaggle of hard-of hearing senior citizens trying to figure out what the name & features of the car in the commercial they just saw are. Ironically, the Elantra ad listed as my worst of Super Bowl below doesn't have any frequency to the mention of name or brand and definitely doesn't have the memorability factor.

Audio A8: Release The Hounds/Luxury Prison

Escaping old luxury has never made a more delightful mockery of itself.

The above display of the actual adult contemporary superstar, Kenny G's, riot-suppressing power is courtesy of Audi's ongoing campaign to position themselves as anti-old luxury car and pro-Audi.

In an incredibly self-depricating move, Kenny G busting out his smooth jazz beats lulls old money laden prisoners to sleep & narrowly prevents a crustacean-fuelled lunchroom debacle. I found Audi's approach ridiculously out of the norm for car commercials and upping their game to go big (which is what the Superbowl is all about).

This fits with Audi's commercial positioning already sneak-peaked in their commercial from January of this year, with their Goodnight to decadence ad, using similar lavish Baroque gold and red coloured elegance against itself.

This anti-establishment approach is of course contrary to my own personal lifestyle choices. I spent the entire Super Bowl eating sturgeon caviar off of a Grecian urn. Haters gonna hate.


Hyundai Elantra: Hypnotize

I now understand that a compact car doesn't have to be a compromise, according to Hyundai & that I can get 40-miles per gallon, but the generic looking commercial complete with all of the car stereotypes (swinging keys, traffic light, etc.) that do not add to the originality or noticeability of the spot amidst other better executed advertisements.

Super Bowl of Ads: Motorola's Empowering the People

Liberating romance from the tyranny of a deceiving garden of Apples

Motorola has "The Tablet for Us All" according to their Super Bowl ad running tonight.

While those most interested in tablet interface technology may or may not be perched in front of the television arguing with themselves about whether an entire plate of nachos fit into their caloric intake for the week, Motorola's new tablet's imminent launch has had even Mac users buzzing.

Motorola Xoom is scheduled to be released in February/March, and plans to ship with Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The newest Android OS has been designed specifically for tablets.

The commercial could not be a clearly dig at the white-washed corridors and prominent iPod-esque headphones synonymous with the Mac branding. I was disappointed that more functionalities of the Xoom weren't shown, but that will come in due time. This is an appropriately timed throwback to the infamous Apple '1984' ad; a move that takes cajones, but is elegant in it's delivery.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Summary of the Golden Globes

In summation of the 2011 Golden Globe awards:

- Ricky Gervais was delightfully mean & surely achieved his goal of never being asked back
-Referred to Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher's father before he announced an award. Ooh. Burn
-Ended the night by thanking "God, for making me an atheist"

- Christian Bale was bizarrely bearded & possibly intoxicated for no reason.

- The GLEE cast (including Chris Colfer's [beautifully teary speech during his first win for Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made For TV] rejoicing in their win for Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy.

-Boardwalk Empire winning theBest Television Drama award, while Steve Buscemi won the Drama Lead Actor.

-Annette Bening beating out Julianne Moore, her same-sex spouse in The Kids Are Alright, to win Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical, a leap & bound for same-sex exposure & stories (The movie winning Best Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical)

- Colin Firth's rightful win of Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama for The King's Speech.

- Jim Parsons's win for nerdkind, taking Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series - Comedy Or Musical for his role as the neurotically adorable Sheldon Cooper on NBC's The Big Bang Theory.

- The Social Network sweeping Best Screenplay - Motion Picture, Best Director - Motion Picture & Best Motion Picture - Drama.

- The hilarious presentations of Steve Carell & Robert Downey Jr. stealing the show from Gervais' often mean-spirited cracks at the Academy.

The show set the stage for the Emmy's & the Oscars, so all there is to do is to wait & see if the visually beautiful & classic film formula of the The King's Speech wins over the new media mogul The Social Network.

PS: I love Carina Adly MacKenzie's take on the performances & deliveries culminating in RDJ's major comedy win over the ladies & audience tonight from