Monday, March 14, 2011

Geeks Freak Over Pi Day, Math Gets Delicious

Einstein + Pie = Geektastic weekend @ Princeton University

As a student of communications, writing is my strong suit, next to arguing and avoiding doing math.

As a result, I was completely oblivious to the advent of Pi Day.

Mostly, I was saddened that it wasn't an occasion to gorge on baked goods, but pi's flakier namesake cousin was included in the festivities at Princeton Pi Day along with a length list of math related events occurring over the past 3 days.

Held over the March 11-14th in Princeton, New Jersey, the event capitalizes on the recognizable digits of the cheeky mathematical constant Pi.

Coincidentally, Albert Einstein himself "made" pi on the advent of his birth the day of March 14, 1879. The genius lived in the Ivy League town for 20 years, forever associated with the school.

Involving the entire community, Pi Deals stole the show as the biggest and most hilarious draw, ample cafes offering actual pie for the price of $3.14. Everything from public recitations of the numbers to an Einstein look-alike contest were held on campus.

Princeton's website for the event brings the whole theme together with a Facebook page filled with photos and event postings to keep wanna-be scientists in the know. I love the site & the effort they took to update it through the whole schmozle of things going on across town.

Geeks have a new St. Patrick's Day & I've never wanted to make a pilgrimage for pie more.