Monday, November 14, 2011

Documentary :: Nazi: The Occult Conspiracy

On the coattails of the inspiring Allied soldiers' stories from my recently reviewed D-Day To Victory,
Nazi: The Occuly Conspiracy is the scariest documentary I've ever seen.

Symbology, pagan rituals replacing Christian festivals, controlling bloodlines and Norse mythology detailed like never before, explaining the more bizarre of Hitler's tactics during his rise to power and how ancient stories helped his elite fuel Hitler's God-like influence.

The documentary discusses how pre-WWII Germany's belief in the occult was strongly tied to anti-Jewish sentiment, 
the possibility that the Aryan race was the remains of the people of Atlantis,
and even the influence of Hindu reincarnation beliefs were all brought together by the Nazi party. 

I had no idea that Heinrich Himmler funded expeditions to find the Holy Grail (unsuccessfully) and dozens of other ancient beliefs that the Nazi party used to solidify a nation under their new religion during the lead up to World War II

The ultimate manipulation of rhetoric. 

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