Monday, January 23, 2012

Ads :: Cleaning Off The Top Layer

CopyWith teeth this white, nothing will stop you from showing off your smile.
Advertising Agency: Canvas, Cape Town, South Africa
Copywriter: Jacques Laubscher
Published: January, 2012
via Ads of the World

I generally enjoy my humour the same way I like my Milky Ways.
Dark (and melty).

Canvas advertising in South Africa has some stunning one-off print ads 
using ridiculously high quality photography and pithy visual jokes.

This set for Love Your Smile teeth whitening is beautiful in the most morbid way possible.
I'm unclear as to whether or not Ad Standards Canada would allow bus stop posters near a Safeway avec chopped-off-finger action, but the  edge would be enough to have me seriously
considering a New Year's tooth whitening using their products.

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